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Meet Dede

Dede has been a patient of Dr. Dan's and Dr. Marc's since 2001 and has encouraged many friends and family members to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care. That is when you know you have taken great care of a patient!

Dede leads a very active life as an aerial arts and dance instructor and has been participating in such a physically demanding field since she was 9. In addition to random performances and special events she also spends a great deal of time on her computer as a web manager and graphic designer. Needless to say, her professions of choice are riddled with neck and back strains on a regularly.

On a daily basis, Dede does things that most of us would never dream of like dropping from 20-30 feet up on fabric you might use as curtains. If you ask her, she would tell you without question that the only reason she is able to continue doing what she does at almost 35 years old, is her diligent chiropractic treatment and exceptional care at Norview Family Chiropractic.

One might ask why she keeps doing it, but if you've seen her in action you'd know!

Please describe your previous symptoms:

  • Severe and chronic neck pain

When did these problems start?

  • I started having neck pain in 2007 that made it difficult to get through a day just sitting.

How did this affect your daily life?

  • It quickly became debilitating and I couldn’t make it through even a half day sitting at my desk.

What treatments did you try first?

  • Medication / Physical Therapy & Other: A Variety of Massage Techniques, Acupuncture, Prolotherapy, Microcurrent Therapy

What were the results of previous methods:

  • I was not getting any relief from the treatments that I tried

How has chiropractic helped you?

  • Regarding my chronic neck pain, it is the only thing that has given me the ability to function on a daily basis, and eventually allowing me to do all the things that I had done before.

How long did it take before you noticed progress?

  • It took about 3 months before I noticed any improvement. It seemed like a slow process, but it is the only thing that has allowed me to return to regular activities and daily responsibilities.

Were you able to decrease medication use?

  • Medication never helped so I didn’t take anything

Has Chiropractic care improved your quality of life?

  • It takes dedication and commitment to health and wellness, but it has greatly improved my quality of life. It allows me to do what I love, instead of barely getting through each day. It’s hard to imagine not being able to take a shower or sit up for 4 hours at a time because of neck pain, but I have no doubt I would be in a similar or worse condition today, without the chiropractic care I have received at NFC.

Are you healthier now than you were a year ago?

  • Without a doubt!

What complaint remains if any?

  • I still have lingering neck pain, and regular aches and pains from my profession of choice. But with regular chiropractic care I am able to keep doing it and stay healthy.

Were you hesitant about chiropractic prior to beginning care?

  • Not at all, as dancer I always enjoyed a good “crack and pop” and knew that it would help if I had proper adjustments by a doctor.

Please list any /all reasons you chose chiropractic and/ or our office. I originally came to Norview Family Chiropractic because:

  • I met the doctors at a health expo and scheduled an appointment because I had hip pain that caused my legs to give out without warning.

Did you get the results you were hoping for from your chiropractic care?

  • In a day and age of instant gratification, it is hard to be patient with wellness care. But knowing that I wanted lasting results above quick and easy, I stuck with it and as with any lifestyle change, it is well worth the wait!

What kind of care did you choose Relief / Corrective / Wellness? And why?

  • I choose wellness care because in my line of work I cannot afford to teach classes from a bench because of pain.

How long have you been a client?

  • 11 years

How do you think your life would be different if you hadn’t considered chiropractic care?

  • I think I would be suffering from all kinds of pain and medicated for conditions that I don’t have, and just miserable.

What do you like most about our office?

  • The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, and everyone is so helpful and accommodating as soon as you walk in the door. It is a doctor’s office that makes you feel better and lifts your spirits too.

JULY Patient Perspective: Meet Jeff

A young, hardworking guy who likes to run and keep in shape when he's not traveling, working, or glued to his laptop. Jeff leads a busy lifestyle as an environmental chemist and small business owner, and like many of us he works hard to find time for exercise and taking care of himself. Jeff had previous experience seeing a chiropractor for a car accident injury but still wasn't convinced how effective or beneficial chiropractic care could be.

About a year ago Jeff began suffering from chronic pain and discomfort in his neck and lower back. He has previously tried medication and physical therapy to get relief, but these treatment methods were unable to correct the issues causing his pain.

Despite his families reservations with chiropractic care, Jeff decided to give NFC a try after a friend and long-time patient recommended Dr. Dan and Dr. Marc.

After 3 weeks of treatment he had a lot to say about the benefits of chiropractic care.

When you sought chiropractic treatment, did you get the results you were hoping for?

  • Yes

Did you get more than you were expecting? If so, what other benefits have you noticed?

  • Yes! Better diagnostics, treatment, care, and assistance as needed.

What kind of care did you choose, Relief/ Corrective/ Wellness?

  • Corrective Care

Do you plan to maintain your new found health with continuing wellness care?

  • Yes

What do you like most about our office?

  • The people that work here are great and have positive attitudes.

How has chiropractic helped you?

  • Relief. Pain increased after long periods of sitting and computer work. Now I work pain free thanks to the doctors.

Since being a client how has your understanding of chiropractic and your health changed?

  • I am much more aware of the fluidity by which the body operates and how that relates to the spine and nervous system.

How do you think your life would be different if you hadn't considered chiropractic care?

  • I would probably remain in constant pain as it was really impacting my quality of life and taking away from the level of physical exercise that I like to maintain.

Are you healthier now than you were a year ago?

  • Most definitely.

Patient Perspective

We like to share our patients' stories with you so that you can get a different perspective on chiropractic treatment. A lot of people are skeptical about chiropractors, but it is those very people that have stories just like Lisa. She wasn't always a body what Lisa has to share about our office.

"About 2 years ago I decided to start training for a body building competition and I knew I needed to make sure my body was able to handle the tough workouts. I went and had a complete physical and it only seemed like the most natural thing to do next was to go to the chiropractor.

My first visit with Dr. Marc was awesome and not only is this office personable but Dr. Marc and Dr. Dan make you feel very comfortable. Everyone there is very professional but they also make you feel very welcomed. One of my biggest issues with the medical profession is you feel like just another insurance claim. But not at Norview Family Chiropractic, you feel more like a valued person that is listened to and heard.
About a month ago I called the office complaining about a pain in my arm and not only was I seen that day but I wasn't rushed through. Dr. Marc and Dr. Dan took the time to find out what was wrong and immediately started fixing the problem without giving me pills.

I can't say enough about the atmosphere in this office, it is very inviting and comfortable. I look forward to every visit and I always walk out of there feeling like a million bucks! And that is rare for your typical "doctors" office."

When you sought chiropractic treatment, did you get the results you were hoping for?

  • Yes

Did you get more than you were expecting? If so, what other benefits have you noticed?

  • Yes I did. I didn't realize how much keeping yourself aligned makes a huge difference on things like breathing.

What kind of care did you choose, Relief/ Corrective/ Wellness?

  • Wellness, because I don't want to just take medicine.

If you had concerns regarding chiropractic, what have you learned that put them to rest?

  • I learned that sometimes you don't realize that a slight adjustment can make you feel 100 times better!

What do you like most about our office?

  • The professionalism and the inviting atmosphere are the perfect mix.

How has chiropractic helped you?

  • I feel better all over. It is amazing and I noticed progress immediately.

Are you healthier now than you were a year ago?

  • Yes I am.