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Personal Injury Treatment

Over the course of 20 years of active patient care and continued education, the doctors of Norview Family Chiropractic have taken the reins on becoming injury rehabilitation specialists, with a heavy focus on providing the most up to date treatment techniques, proper diagnosis and expert documentation. We have helped thousands of individuals involved in motor vehicle collisions and injuries on the job, get back to pain-free living.

Personal injury claims are not likely to be settled without the proper documentation showing that your chiropractic care was a reasonable and necessary medical expense. The chiropractors of Norview Family Chiropractic understand the importance of the following documentation:

Detailed medical charts, listing the extent and severity of each and every symptom

Any and all treatment provided to the patient was medically necessarily as a direct result of the personal injury.

Accurate and detailed billing information, including the date, cost of each treatment, or office visit and accurate billing shows that services rendered were related to the injury and medical care was sought in a timely fashion.

Working with chiropractors experienced with personal injury claims can help relieve the stress of worrying about out-of-pocket expenses. We understand this and work with insurance companies to make sure that the patient’s care is the first priority, not billing headaches. We accomplish this by working closely with your attorneys and paralegals and/or billing the insurance company directly, and also filing with your personal health insurance if requested.


We utilize on site, state of the art digital radiography. Digital radiography is a form of radiography that uses x-ray sensitive plates to directly capture data during the patient examination, immediately transferring it to a computer system without the use of an intermediate cassette.

Digital x-rays expose the patients up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays and they are better for the environment because they don’t require any chemicals for development. Digital imaging provides exceptional image quality with renowned reliability.

We have made the upgrade to Digital X-ray to enhance our diagnostic capabilities to fully document any whiplash or similar type injuries to provide the best possible treatment for your condition.

Myo Vision

Our ScanVision utilizes technology similar to an EKG. Instead of measuring heart muscle patterns, we measure the muscular compensation about the spine. The ScanVision Scanning sEMG exam is an electronic form of palpation, providing an objective means of quantifying an important measure of spinal health “muscle tension”. The exam takes only a couple of minutes. This examination provides objective evaluation of muscular tension and compensation patterns for various spinal disorders, pain and spinal subluxation while also assessing the state of trauma; acute (red), subacute (pink), and chronic (yellow).

It is non-invasive and does not cause pain or irritation. This makes it safe for children, pregnant women and seniors. It simply requires the placement of small electrodes against the skin. Once the examination is complete, the Electrophysiological (EP) Stress Score is calculated by adding up all muscular activity readings as “microvolts”, bilaterally at all spinal levels. This sum provides a baseline measurement for which all subsequent readings are compared as we progress from the Subacute Tissue Repair towards the Remodeling phase of the tissues involved.


Proving Muscular injuries is one of the toughest things to document as well as to chart and measure patient progress. We have expanded to the Dynamic EMG that measures ranges of motion of the spine consistent with the AMA protocols and simultaneously measures muscle activity that can discern muscle contraction from muscle spasm.

The Dynamic EMG simultaneously measures spinal motion and myoelectric activity. The range of motion is measured according to a standard protocol outlined by the American Medical Association. The Dynamic EMG machine provides a graph of the motion along with a graph that measures muscular electrical activity in microvolts. This offers greater sensitivity of measurement than even the ECG, an important feature when seeking the electrical signals generated by small paraspinal muscles. This is truly the “Gold Standard” when it comes to the Measurement of spinal Range of Motion. In addition, Myovision's proprietary and patented designs permit the measurement of low amplitude signals without the degradation caused by electrical interference, an obstacle to accurate and reliable measurements and a common problem with many earlier generation sEMG devices.