The Team

Amber SmithIMG 1557

Chiropractic Assistant

Born and raised in Iowa, Amber made her way to Hampton Roads via King's Bay, GA, and a husband who is active duty Navy. Her interest in chiropractic dates back to her childhood: her mother worked at Palmer College (B.J. Palmer is recognized as the Father of Chiropractic) and her father's migraines were alleviated by chiropractic care when other medical interventions failed. Amber graduated from Palmer College in 2013 with an A.S. (associate's degree) in Chiropracticc Technology and also completed certification as an X-Ray Technician. Her hobbies include competitive shooting, reading, cooking and spending time with her husband, son and daughter. We feel blessed to have her here at Norview Family Chiropractic.

LindseyblanchardLindsey Blanchard

Licensed Massage Therapist

Many of you may already know Lindsey as she has been with us for almost six years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and muscle specialist. A graduate of the Fuller School, she is part of the foundation of Norview Family Chiropractic and has always been a strong and solid part of our team. She loves helping people and combines deep tissue, hot stone, cupping, and sports massage to determine precisely what your body needs so that if you "came in crawling" you would be able to "leave upright with a smile on your face." Lindsey has two children, aged 2 and 7, and loves hiking and kayaking.