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First Visit

Brief Paperwork

Upon entering the office, we have some brief paperwork for you to fill out. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself, your condition and the goals you wish to accomplish through chiropractic care.

The majority of our New Patient intake forms can be completed before you arrive and be found at


Once the paperwork has been completed, you will have a consultation with the Doctor and a Chiropractic Assistant to discuss your health-related problems, current concerns as well as potential treatment options. During this time, the Doctor will perform 2 preliminary tests, evaluating your posture and checking the body for subluxations or bones that are out of alignment.

History and Examination

In order to determine what the cause of your problem is and develop a working diagnosis, the doctor will ask you various questions related to your condition as well as take a past history of any notable traumas. Numerous specialized orthopedic and neurological tests will then be performed to determine the extent of your injuries and if diagnostic testing is warranted..

X-ray Evaluation

Your specific condition may require us to take digital x-rays to either rule out more serious health conditions or to assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. We can share this valuable information with your primary care physician and other medical providers as needed.

Our team of certified radiology technicians prides themselves on thoroughness and our motto when it comes to the use of x-ray is, “To see is to know, to not see is to guess.” We never guess when it comes to your health and safety.

Same Day Treatment

Once we have completed the chiropractic examination and all appropriate medical studies, we may administer your first treatment on this initial visit. Treatment on the first visit is up to the doctor’s discretion and many factors will play into that determination taking safety into account as well as the level of your discomfort. Treatments may include spinal adjustments; low force technique using an arthrostim instrument which is a handheld instrument or we may employ diversified techniques, using a short (low amplitude) quick (high velocity) thrust over restricted spinal joints one at a time. Treatments may also include soft tissue therapies, mechanical traction, cold laser therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

You will be provided options to choose a convenient appointment time for your follow-up visit. Generally speaking, patients are seen within 1-2 days of their initial evaluation and are provided with a complete review of x-ray and exam findings. Treatment plan recommendations will also be discussed and we will review your insurance coverage benefits as well as easy and affordable self-pay options.

Home Instructions

After your visit, patients will be instructed on what activities to avoid and educated on proper procedures and exercises to be conducted at home. This tutorial may include the safe use of ice or heat and how to apply, proper hydration instructions, orthotic or bracing instructions, as well as how to feel after your first chiropractic adjustment.